To live happy one must learn to love the humble bean.

Peas, Beans and Pulses are at the heart of so many of the healthy cultures around the world. They are a brilliant source of protein, fibre and many vital micro-nutrients. We have had a tradition of growing and eating the crop in Britain for thousands of years and it is a travesty that most of the peas and beans we grow today are exported out of the country. Hodmedod’s with wide range of beans and pulses are leading the way to change this trend.

There are so many benefits of consuming this wonder food. It is foundational for all of the Blue Zone Diets, areas around the world that have a disproportional amount of over 100 year olds. These communities of centurians all have a largely plant based wholefood diet matched with active, low stress lifestyles. Beans and pulses are one of their essentials, for non plant based protein, as they have naturally high level of fibre, an essential ingredient for healthy digestion as it feeds our gut microbiome.

Only 100g of Fava Beans (data from cronometer.com) contains 39% of your daily fibre and 38% of your daily target of total nutrients, coming in with an impressive 106% of your daily Folate (an essential nutrient to fight heart disease).

The versatility of its use is endless, with many cultures placing it front and centre in its culinary cuisine. From the Mexican re-fried bean, to Indian lentil Dahl, from the Costa Rican rice and black bean, to the humble hummus.

The effort of soaking and cooking the beans may seem unattainable in the fast paced modern world but even this offers no barrier with split peas being ready to eat within 20 minutes without soaking. Additionally, we can all gain from slowing down the relationship we have with food. The Blue Zone Diets are all linked to strong community structures that evolve around their food. Beans are perfect for this style of eating, with slow cooked stew allowing the beans to soften gradually and absorb the flavour for an enhanced taste.

All in all, a perfect little package bursting with goodness; the humble bean.