We will endeavour to keep the cooperative as simple as possible.


  1. You are a paid up member of the cooperative or agree to pay your membership with your first order.
  2. You will provide your own containers for the produce or agree to pay an additional fee for an require packaging
  3. Food will be available in set quantities and there may be additional fees if alternative sizes are required

(There may be changes to these at the outset as we develop the cooperative in the early stages)


The membership will be open to any individual who supports the objects of the cooperative and agrees to pay the membership fees (currently £15). You will need to provide up to date contact details along with you membership.


The Objects of cooperative, an unincorporated member’ cooperative trading as ‘Happy Food Bury’, are: (a) To provide access to affordable and sustainable food for its members; (b) To contribute to the development of a locally-driven and sustainable food system

Member Commitment

As members, you will agree to attend the general meetings, which will consist of a yearly AGM (Annual General Meeting) and additional if require, due to special circumstances.