Rainbow Chard
Chard in all its beauty


Chard comes in many forms but our favourite is the Rainbow variety as the colours are truly spectacular.

Chard, like other leafy greens, is high in nitrates that not only are good for your health but are linked to athletic performance.

There are supercharged with vitamin K, among many other micronutrients, which helps regulate our blood and bones.

Do you get your two cups of greens a day?

Chard Leaf
Vibrant colours of chard

In The Kitchen

It is essential for our health and longevity to learn how to add leafy greens to every meal. With this in mind it is best to have a few simple ways of preparation close to hand.

The two main ways I add greens to my meals is:

1. To simply chop up the Chard and add in the pan for the final 5-7 minutes of cooking.

2. Chard is best sauteed. Chop the stem up first, into 1 cm long bits, and add to a pan with a little water. Cook for 3-4 minutes, ensuring the water does not dry up (just add more). Add the chopped up leaves and allow to wilt for a few minutes. Add this to the side of your plate to accompany any meal. I simply add lemon juice, salt and pepper to taste.

More ideas

Chard and Tahini Dip

On The Farm

We have been experimenting with several varieties this year. From Swiss Chard to Rainbow Chard to Leaf Beet. We are happy to admit we are fully in love with the colours of the Rainbow Chard.

The chard seems to like our soils and has been one of our more successful crops.