A Japanese leafy vegetable, a mustardy green.

To achieve to follow the path of longevity and health we should all be aiming for at least two handfuls of leafy greens a day. The best way to achieve this is to source the best leaves from around the planet.


What do we grow?

Brassica rapa var nipposinica

We grow Mizuna in two forms;

We grow as transplants raised in the polytunnel that are planted out 12” apart. We do try to keep them under insect netting where possible.

Also, as part of the Asian mix, we multi-sow the transplants and plant them 3-4” apart.

What will you find in your veg box

  1. It is a part of our Asian Mix (A mix of Taisai, Mizuna, Swiss chard, Chinese cabbage Granaat, purple frills and golden frills), here we pick it small to be mixed together for salads or stir-fries
  2. The mature rosette is harvested as a leafy vegetable

How to Eat?

Tufu Stir Fry

Lemony Potatoes