What comes first, the change or the imagining of the change?

Either way, imagination is a spectacularly powerful tool to not only help you design the change you want but also to foster the yearning that is needed to bring about the energy to make it a reality.

All worthwhile change comes from a persistent push from the communities that desire it.

We want to invite you all to join us as we start to imagine a future food system that has blown off the shackles of the pharma-driven, chemical induced food of today to a locally-driven, nature-thriving future. Where we are all connected back to nature and food is once again the cure all for our energy-levels and all our preventable illness.

A version of the future where communities are supporting the production of their food and they are all the artisans of their own food cultures.

We do not have to accept the dull, lifeless packets of calories that are presented to us in our soulless ironically named supermarkets. The shattered connections from our soils to our plates can once again be harnessed. The seasonal celebrations of life and harvests can once again punctuate our calendars. The collective chores of protecting our nature and building habitats can be shared by all. The green fields can be owned and cared for by those that see them everyday.

Those of us that live in towns and cities can bath in nature on the streets and in the parks. The noise of the car-choked streets is replaced by the song of birds. The ever expanding emptiness of closed down shops has reverted to artisan local producers. With the town now celebrating its own community owned bakers and brewers amongst others. As we move out of the centres the sprawl that once gobbled up our green spaces has now been gobbled by nature. As the lines between town and countryside are blurb through innovative green space design. All streets now have trees, flower beds and communal growing spaces as standard.

We are all the masters of this future. We just need the story to tell each other that allows us all to taste, feel and smell the future to bring a yearning for it to our hearts. A yearning strong enough that together we will bring it into existence.

Join us this Friday for the Food Committee meeting to discuss this local food future – https://happyfoodcoop.com/forum/