This my favourite pasta dish. The sharpness of the lemon with the depth of the roasted seeds. It helps that I am a fanatic of beetroot and the colour is simply magical.


Prepare the beetroot; wash off any dirt and trim the ends
I prefer roasted beets but you can also boil them.
To Roast, simply add to a baking tray (keep them fairly uniform in size, slice any that need cutting), put in the oven, 200C/180C Fan/Gas 6, for about 40 mins.

To Boil, bring water a boil in a pan, turn down to a simmer, add the beetroot, cover with a lid, and let them cook for about 30 mins.

In a separate pan, on a medium to high heat, add the sunflower seeds, keep them moving so them don’t burn, you should smell them roasting and see them turn golden brown.

Once the sunflower seeds have turned golden brown, turn down the heat, add the roasted beetroot, garlic and salt. Stir together, add a little water (or oil, if you prefer), and cook for a few minutes. Then, remove from heat, allow it to cool.

Whilst the beetroot and seeds cools, add you pasta to a pan and cook to the requirements on the packet (or your wily wisdom).

When the pasta is cooked, bring the beetroot bag to a gentle heat, add yoghurt/cream (anything that will add a sauce and turn the dish the most delicious pinky purple colour).

Once the dish has warmed, add the pasta and stir it all together.



For two people

Four to Five medium beetroot
A large handful of Sunflower Seeds
A bulb of garlic
Juice from one lemon
Half a pot of soy yoghurt (or alternative yoghurt/cream)
Salt, to taste