Thai curry is quickly becoming my go-to choice. The flavours of sharp lime spear through the whole dish. It is so versatile, working with almost any veggies, meaning it can be made any time of the year with what ever nature is providing that season.

I also love that the quality of premade sauces is super high, although the effort taken to make it from scratch is fully worth it is not essential.


  • A whole lot of veggies
  • garlic and ginger
  • Thai Red Curry Paste
  • Flavouring – Soy Sauce, Fish Sauce, Vinegar, Salt
  • Coconut Milk


  • Prepare your veggies. You can use anything but aim for a rainbow of colours.
  • Saute the veg in a pan
  • Add Garlic-Ginger and Thai Red Curry Paste mix well
  • Mix in the coconut milk
  • Add the flavourings. Soy Sauce and Fish Sauce (We use a Seaweed based vegan one) make delicious additions. You can also add tamarind, vinegar, marmite. Anything to add a bit of flavour

    Note. This is what adds the variety to the dish. The main flavour comes from the Thai Red Paste, so these additions add an edge. Experiment and each meal will add something new, until you find your own special recipe!
  • Season and allow to simmer. The vegetables will be tender enough after the initial sautéing. The simmering at the end is to just give the flavours time to infuse. 15 mins is enough, 30 mins is better on a low heat.