The 3 9 27 Message Grid is a way of creating a succinct message that tells your thee points in 9 seconds using only 27 words.

A caveat – I am not expert this is simply a technique I was taught and find useful.

Here is a version of my message:

Our communities will be happier, healthier; they will be ours. No longer dictated to us, created by us; we will look after ourselves, our vulnerable and our planet.

First – Your three points!

In this example mine are 1. Happier communites 2. Healthier communities 3. Community ownership

Second – You only have 9 seconds

This is the challenging bit but when mastered is what gives the message its power. The ability to be succinct and authoritive in only 9 seconds is a superpower.

I have attempted this by highlighting the challenge in only 5 words “No longer dictated to us” this summerises the obstacle we face to achieve the three points. That of some outside force that is trying to apply its will to our communities without the peoples best interests being of most importance.

Finally – The 27 words (or there about)

For me this is always an exercise of cutting words from an often much bigger set of sentences.

I recommend picking only words you are comfortable using; no big fancy words that you struggle to get your mouth around.

I finish mine with another use of the rule of three. Its aim is to offer a warcry. A statement of intent to ward off any undesirables that want to dictate to the communities. It is a call of arms that we can, and will, look after ourselves and be better for it.

Post yours in the comments below or send to us on social or email. We would love to hear them