Farms, Shops and A Way Forward?

The situation for farmers is bleak and we need to find a way to help them. There has been a race to the bottom and many areas are now at breaking point. The health of our soils is on life support, the biomass of our insect populations dangerously low, the biodiversity of our plants and

Chard and Tahini Dip

A recipe that sounds like it should not work, a leafy green dip, trust us it is well worth the exploration. It is super important for us all to ensure we add green leafy vegetables to our diets. They are full of lots of the wonderful things our bodies yearn for. This is a very


Chard Chard comes in many forms but our favourite is the Rainbow variety as the colours are truly spectacular. Chard, like other leafy greens, is high in nitrates that not only are good for your health but are linked to athletic performance. There are supercharged with vitamin K, among many other micronutrients, which helps regulate

Charred Green Beans On Platter

Charred Lemony Green Beans

Beans are a superfood packed with fibre, protein and nutrients. The Green Bean is an immature variety that is eaten whole, pod and all. They are a delicious addition to the veg boxes. We grow the dwarf bush variety that can grow without support in the field. The lemon and fresh coriander add a beautiful

Early green bean growing on plant

Green Beans (French Beans)

These beans are eaten unripe when the beans are immature and the pods still fresh. In The Kitchen Indian Baked Green Beans (recipe coming soon) Charred Lemon Green Beans On The Farm We are growing a Dwarf French Bean variety called ‘Tendergreen’. Beans are delicious and fairly simple to grow. We grow the dwarf bush

Happy Food Podcast #11

We were doing so well, 10 podcasts in 10 weeks. Then came a little blip, a two-week hiatus, we are now back into the groove. Here is Podcast #11, this is an interview on BBC Radio Suffolk with Matt Marvel. I was his Sofa Guest as he stood in for Lesley Dolphin on her Saturday