Food Coop Rules
Happy Food Bury

Food Coop Rules

We will endeavour to keep the cooperative as simple as possible. Rules You are a paid up member of the cooperative or agree to pay your membership with your first order.…

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What is the aim?

The Happy Food Coop believes food is more than just food; communities are built around it, health depends on it and it has the power to unite people and causes.

The aim is simple, to create a locally-driven and sustainable food system that contributes to the health and well-being of Suffolk and its residents. (more…)

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Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate
Chilli and Cacao are the perfect combination

Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

All food is best when whole. The Cacao is the raw powder extracted from the fermented Cacao Seed. It is full of goodness and mood enhancing properties. It makes a…

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Raw Cacao
All the goodness of chocolate, none of the bad

Raw Cacao

Cacao is the raw powdered ingredient that has been separated from the cacao butter solids of the fermented bean of the cacao plant. Unfortunately, for sweet-toothed chocolate fans, we have…

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Food Coops

Bury St Edmunds Food Coop First Meeting - Friday 27th January 2017. Join us at Edmundo Lounge from 10 am, look out for the Happy Food Logo. Our mission is to…

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