Sustainable Food Town

  What is there to aim for as we begin the journey towards better,happier, food? One measure is the Sustainable Food City Award, which recognises the work of an area and through its standards helps assess how far along its journey they are.   Why do we need a Sustainable Food System? We live in

Basic Dahl Recipe

I have been a fan of dahls for many years and eat it in one variety or another at least five times a week. Once you get this basic recipe perfected you can adapt it to accompany any style of cooking or simply as a main dish in its own right. Basic Dahl Recipe Recipe

Learn To Love The Humble Bean

To live happy one must learn to love the humble bean. Peas, Beans and Pulses are at the heart of so many of the healthy cultures around the world. They are a brilliant source of protein, fibre and many vital micro-nutrients. We have had a tradition of growing and eating the crop in Britain for

Happy Food, Healthy Living

The Happy Food Coop Shop is open for business. We have a handpicked selection of organic products with a focus on local Suffolk produce. Come find us on Bury St Edmunds Market -Wednesdays and Saturdays. We want to bring affordable local sustainable food to you. The cost of good quality food should not be a barrier for people