Simple technique to communicate a clearer message

The 3 9 27 Message Grid is a way of creating a succinct message that tells your thee points in 9 seconds using only 27 words. A caveat – I am not expert this is simply a technique I was taught and find useful. Here is a version of my message: Our communities will be

Winter Veg Thai Red Curry

Thai curry is quickly becoming my go-to choice. The flavours of sharp lime spear through the whole dish. It is so versatile, working with almost any veggies, meaning it can be made any time of the year with what ever nature is providing that season. I also love that the quality of premade sauces is

Guardian Of The Soil

I came to Suffolk in 2016 without a plan, or much of an idea of what I wanted to do with my life. I have always had a stubborn side, which found a welcome home in community activism. The feeling that society could do a lot better haunted me through my late twenties, I wanted


This my favourite pasta dish. The sharpness of the lemon with the depth of the roasted seeds. It helps that I am a fanatic of beetroot and the colour is simply magical. RECIPE Prepare the beetroot; wash off any dirt and trim the endsI prefer roasted beets but you can also boil them.To Roast, simply

Food Future 2030

What comes first, the change or the imagining of the change? Either way, imagination is a spectacularly powerful tool to not only help you design the change you want but also to foster the yearning that is needed to bring about the energy to make it a reality. All worthwhile change comes from a persistent


A Japanese leafy vegetable, a mustardy green. To achieve to follow the path of longevity and health we should all be aiming for at least two handfuls of leafy greens a day. The best way to achieve this is to source the best leaves from around the planet. What do we grow?Brassica rapa var nipposinica We grow

Will’s Weekly Wonderings

Hello and welcome to my weekly wondering, where I get to discuss or maybe ramble about the farm, something I find cool or maybe just a thought. Hopefully it will provide an insight into what the Happy Food Farm is all about and the trials tribulations of someone who is new to farming. Hope you

The Journey of a New Farmer

Written by the Beautiful Josh Salmon “wait, what?”, “how does that work?” and “ honestly I have absolutely no idea” are three phrases that I’ve  found myself saying more and more since I started at the farm in January alongside Will. A lot has certainly changed in a few short months, for one, the garlic


Cut thistles in May, they’ll grow in a day; Cut them in June, that is too soon; Cut them in July, then they will die This summer I have removed more thistles than I care to count, they are notorious weeds and known to be the bane of farmer and gardener alike. However, when I

We Have a Flea Beetle Problem

WILDLIFE DIARIES 01 Hello and welcome, this is my first blog post ever so introducing myself is a bit awkward but my name is Will and I am a member of the Happy Food Coop. I am here to introduce to you a celebration of the flora and fauna that call our farm home and