A World of Balance

Starting something new is always hard. The rewards that come are directly linked to the struggle. On the farm it is no different. The early days are all about trying to work out what is working and trying to see the good in the disasters. We are about halfway into our second season. The project

Farms, Shops and A Way Forward?

The situation for farmers is bleak and we need to find a way to help them. There has been a race to the bottom and many areas are now at breaking point. The health of our soils is on life support, the biomass of our insect populations dangerously low, the biodiversity of our plants and


Chard Chard comes in many forms but our favourite is the Rainbow variety as the colours are truly spectacular. Chard, like other leafy greens, is high in nitrates that not only are good for your health but are linked to athletic performance. There are supercharged with vitamin K, among many other micronutrients, which helps regulate

Getting Ready for Farm Visitors

Down on the farm, we have been busy preparing the soil for our crops and now we are looking to prepare the farm for your visit. The aim was always to create a space where we could grow abundance with nature and where the community to come to enjoy the space and get involved. The

Launching the Local Food Community Fund

The Local Food Community Fund will support local businesses as they lead the way towards building a truly sustainable food system in Bury St Edmunds. Monthly Supper Clubs The LFCF will be launched at the April Supper Club with the monthly meals, at St John’s Centre on the 1st Saturday of each month, initially being

Food Coops

Bury St Edmunds Food Coop First Meeting – Friday 27th January 2017. Join us at Edmundo┬áLounge from 10 am, look out for the Happy Food Logo. Our mission is to bring affordable, healthy and sustainable food to everyone. A huge step towards this is the creation of food coops. These are groups of people who

Sustainable Food Town

  What is there to aim for as we begin the journey towards better,happier, food? One measure is the Sustainable Food City Award, which recognises the work of an area and through its standards helps assess how far along its journey they are.   Why do we need a Sustainable Food System? We live in