What can I buy?

The latest products are available at Open Food Network.

Please note: The shop is not open at all times. Please email if you have any questions or would like to find out when the shop is next open.

What is a ‘food co-op’?

It is a group of people, the members, working cooperatively by buying food together. This allows them to buy in bulk and save money. They are also able to take control over where they get the food from; looking at how it is produced, who produces it, who profits from it and what is in it (I.e. no chemicals)

Who are the members?

Anyone who buys from the cooperative and pays their membership fee is a member. This will give you all the benefits of cheaper food plus voting rights on how the cooperative is run and managed.

Where do the profits go?

A cooperative does not make profits, it makes a surplus. The members get to decide what is done with the surplus. It can be used to offer even cheaper food, invested in the cooperative or used to support a community project.

What can we buy?

At the beginning, we are buying from Suma Wholefoods, the UK’s largest workers cooperative. We aim to place a monthly order and can buy anything from their vast product range. However, to help the cooperative develop there are a number of staple products that each member commits to buying. This helps us plan for the future and allows us to not place a minimum order requirement for the members.

How much does it cost?

The membership is £15/year.

The food is available at the wholesale purchase price plus 15%. The aim is to buy in 25 kg bulk quantities allowing the cheaper wholesale price to be passed on to the members.

What are the ‘staple’ products?

These include Brown Basmati Rice, Red Split Lentils, Porridge Oats, Soya Milk, Almonds, Walnuts and Cashews.

You will be asked to indicate what quantity of these items you can commit to every three months when you apply for membership.

Are all the products organically certified?

Yes. We only offer food that is environmentally friendly as part of our aim to provide “affordable and sustainable wholefoods to the residents of Suffolk”

How do I join?

Send us an email