; a place where ideas and views are exchanged

The care of the Earth is our most ancient and most worthy, and after all our most pleasing responsibility – Wendell Berry

We are at a moment in our history where we know more than ever before and we know that so much is unknowable. The faith we now need must be placed in ourselves, our communities and the sanctity of our planet.

Our policies and politics have lost their way. The forces of greed and religion of ‘things’ have become too dominant. We need to rebalance and reaffirm a new direction for our societies.

This forum is a place where ideas and views are exchanged in a positive and open way to forge new paths through the conflicts and misdirection of the current modes of thought and debate.

– Matthew Rowe


Community Ownership Third Monday of Month @ 7.30 PMRSVP hereIts our community, we should have our say in it.

Imagining Workshop Second Friday of Month @ 2.00 PMRSVP hereIf we can imagine, we can create

Community Q&A Every Wednesday @ 4.00 PMRSVP hereLet us listen, learn and grow together. Share your ideas.

Regenerative Planet Every Sunday @ 4.00 PMSee all hereStep one, stop poisoning it. Step two, let it heal.


West Suffolk Eco Forum First Friday of Month @ 2.00 PM. Join here. Hosted by West Suffolk Hive

Food Committee Third Friday of Month @ 2.00 PM. Join here. ‘Good’ food as a right for all.

Eastern Regenerative Land Society First Monday of Month @ 7.30 PM. Join here. A model for community ownership of our greenspaces