What We Do

Happy food

We are helping the community find its happy food again



Life on the Happy Food Farm is growing fabulously. Set up in 2019. The organic environmentally positive growing system is the heart of everything we do.

Supper Clubs

Community Meals on a pay-what-you-feel basis.



We need a food system that is based on the right to food not corporate profit. Join us as we create a People’s Food Manifesto.

Happy veg Box

Our direct to your door veg box scheme came from a desire to provide the finest veggies from local organic farms. It has grown to our own farm where we aim to bring the freshest, more environmentally sound produce from farm to your door in the quickest time possible.


Veg Box

Head over to happyvegbox.com and sign up today for your very own Happy Veg box delivered direct to your door from on £10.50.
Local, organic and seasonal. We run a plastic free, minimal packaging veg box.

CSA Member

Community Supported Agriculture – this offers the community a crop share in the Happy Food Farm.
This offers the CSA Member a share of the farms abundance plus the chance to have a say in how the farm is run.

Happy Healthy Food

There are areas around the world renowned for there food culture and healthy lifestyles. We want to create a food culture based on local and seasonal foods to establish our community as one of these renowned food cultures. Join us!

Happy Food Coop

Phone: +1284 728 218
Email: contact@happyfoodcoop.com