Growing a Food Revolution

To fuel change you need food. Every community should have food that they are proud to call their own. A connection to our food and the soil it is grown in is missing from our society. It has been for a while and we feel it is time to change this.

Organic Food, Community Cafe and the next Happy Drinks

Over a month has passed since the first Happy Drinks event at Oakes Barn, the Happy Food Movement is up and running with so many great ideas coming together in Bury St Edmunds. The next Happy Drinks is Tuesday 4th April at Edmundo Lounge, we will be upstairs from 7 pm. Again, all are welcome. The

Food Coop Rules

We will endeavour to keep the cooperative as simple as possible. Rules You are a paid up member of the cooperative or agree to pay your membership with your first order. You will provide your own containers for the produce or agree to pay an additional fee for an require packaging Food will be available in

Happy Drinks 16th February

After the great night we had before Christmas at our Christmas meal, we thought it was time for another outing. We have booked the upstairs at Oakes Barn for Thursday 16th February from 19:30. There is no agenda for the event, simply a desire to bring together everyone who wants better food in Bury and beyond. Happy

Bury Food Co-op

Revised on 23 February 2017 This week was the first meeting of the Bury Food Co-op with the aim of setting out how to begin and what being a member would look like. A Food Co-op is essentially a group of users buying food collectively for the benefit of either cheaper or better quality food.