Veggies In The Box This Week

This is for delivery on Tuesday 29th September From Our Farm Chard (Rainbow)Squash - Orange HokkaidoTomatoes - Golden Queen, Yellow Submarine, Black Cherry, Gardener's DelightLeeksAn additional surpriseMushrooms - Chestnut from…

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Charred Lemony Green Beans
Charred Green Beans With Coriander And Lemon Sauce

Charred Lemony Green Beans

Charred Green Beans With Coriander And Lemon Sauce Beans are a superfood packed with fibre, protein and nutrients. The Green Bean is an immature variety that is eaten whole, pod…

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Organic Spiced Bengali Stew
Subtle blend of Bengali spices

Organic Spiced Bengali Stew

The flavours of Bengal are subtle and aromatic; a blend of Nigella, Fennel, Fenugreek, Cumin and Mustard. (more…)

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Sri Lankan Mushrooms

Inspired by my time in Asia, I have blended several spice mixes this month. One being a Sri Lankan inspired blend. It has a beautiful hint of cardamom running through…

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Growing a Food Revolution

To fuel change you need food. Every community should have food that they are proud to call their own. A connection to our food and the soil it is grown in is missing from our society. It has been for a while and we feel it is time to change this. (more…)

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Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate
Chilli and Cacao are the perfect combination

Raw Cacao Hot Chocolate

All food is best when whole. The Cacao is the raw powder extracted from the fermented Cacao Seed. It is full of goodness and mood enhancing properties. It makes a…

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